Playstation Network Finally Hits Israel!

Hey Peeps!

Well to all Israeli readers and PS3 owners/gamers, the Playstation network has finally been released in Israel on the 17th of February with the European marketplace.

Though media isn’t a possibility at the moment (movies etc.), the game section is rich with goodies and content at reasonable prices, plus, online connectivity should be better too.

My only complaint about this is that Sony need to open a migration option for gamers who have registered themselves under a foreign country just to be able to play online and download games/demos, then with the migration option a gamer can finally set their country accordingly.

Now however such an option isn’t available which means that anybody who would want to localize will have to open a new account, it’s kind of stupid because I mean who would want to lose their special Online-ID and trophies that were so hard to achieve? I know there are a few between us who don’t mind doing it, but to some people their Online-ID has sentimental value to them, not to mention the trophies and the trophy level!

I hope Sony take this into consideration and open up an option like this.

PS: Let’s also hope that Microsoft see this as a opportunity and bring the Xbox LIVE Marketplace to Israeli gamers too.


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